Video Gallery

Footage from my 2nd year placement at Gruyere Primary (Applied Partnerships Project)


For my Applied Partnerships Project (ACP) on placement in second year I made a video for the three year six students presented on the night of their gradation. Gruyere was a small primary school with approximately thirty students in total and a single class which could be split between the three teachers who worked there full time.


Footage from my final year at KIOSC



At the start of 2018 I was lucky enough to be involved in a coding camp which was run in conjunction with KIOSC, Siemens and Swinburne University. This is a video I made about the day.


Drone Demonstration

It is one thing to talk about something, and another to demonstrate it. This footage was taken as I demonstrated an RPA (Drone) flying to maximum legal altitude for the students, with a little bit of showing off along the way! This demonstration was undertaken at the end of the day after students had played with RPA’s inside, and was a great way to end the day leaving the students on a ‘high’ note.



Instead of standing and delivering a lessons of Vlogging, I decided to create a vlog to teach the students how to vlog. The videos were used in conjunction with technical tutorials presented in class so the misconceptions and problems could be ironed out. This is a great example of blended learning.