Educational Philosophy

At 26 years of age I made a decision to become a teacher after working in several industries successfully. A large component in working within multiple industries is a thirst for knowledge and learning. It was not until I was required to pass down what I had learned to others in these work places that I decided I would like to become a teacher. There was also encouragement from my family, who comprise mostly of teachers and trainers. However, it is a strong industry connection I am given a solid work ethic, a high standard of quality and an informed position for authentic learning which I bring to my teaching practice.

Authentic learning is a pillar of my educational philosophy, which in part is industry based, as I am a person who learns by undertaking a task, either modelled by another or through personal experimentation. As such, I believe that the classroom and classwork needs to be designed to reflect that of the real world, giving students validation in what they are engaging with. I believe authentic learning is enhanced when used in conjunction with formative assessment strategies, allowing the students to continue learning. Furthermore, the formative assessment model can reduce the stress and anxiety that summative models often increase, as is seen in VCE.

My future goal is to work both as a teacher and in my photographic business. By remaining in the photographic industry I can draw on the real world, and more importantly the current and engaging developments which I can bring to the classroom, which allows me to model authentic practices, reducing the often disconnected pure theoretical models.

I am also passionate about giving as many opportunities to my students as I possibly can, which through my work at KIOSC gives a broad range of students access to technology and resources which would otherwise be unattainable. KIOSC was establish 6 years ago and was a pilot for the new tech school models, and I am now proud to be a part of its history in delivering education to the local consortium of schools in conjunction with Swinburne University and Knox City Council.

When I first attended university it was my goal to teach technology based subjects. However, through exploration in the various subjects I rediscovered my passion for media and the arts. A part of rediscovering my passions was the journey of personal growth and learning in my interest and hobby areas which carries through into my teaching practice.

For my students, I hope to be someone who models a thirst for learning, inspires students to follow their passions, who never stops growing as a person, but most of all to model to students that learning and education are lifelong pursuits that have a great return on their investment.