Dance Shoots Now Available

We are very pleased to be able to bring you these fantastic new and affordable dance packages. They will come in three varieties: Basic, Advanced and Duo. In addition to these Club shoots will also be available.

At Alex Welch Photo we also value the clubs, so we will offer the clubs credits towards their concert and event photography costs when 4 sessions are consecutively booked at a single venue on the same day. 

We strive to achieve fantastic shots, and with coaching by the talented Angela Welch, each dancer is ensured to achieve a great dance focused look while secured in a safe environment.

So please check out the page. We've worked hard to bring this to you and hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Dance on,
Alex and Angela

Dance Shoots Coming SOON!

I'm getting excited about offering some affordable dance packages for dancers!

I've been working hard with my talented sister Angela, who is a veteran dancer and has 10 years of coaching experience.

So far we have been testing the waters with a couple of sneaky shoots for some select dancers. here is a pic from one of those shoots!

Steel Wool Testing

Hello follower,

Yesterday I ventured out with the fantastic company of Mark Boyle, where we tested an updated technique for creating steel wool circles. but more importantly focusing on keeping control of the circle. I'm currently making a video of how this is all done. and look forward to sharing it with you.

This first image demonstrates the nature of the wildness of hand holding (we moved around a bit too):

In this second image, we used the new technique (we also didn't move around much):


I particularly like this, because I was able to control the tilt of the sparks, this above image gives quite the Lord of the Rings Sauron's eye feel.

Thanks again, Hope to get the video out to you all soon!

Bronwyn and David's Wedding

I had the great pleasure of shooting a wedding for friends of my wife and I on Sunday. It was a glorious day, with a perfect blue sky (although not the easiest to work with as a photographer) and great temperature. The couple kept it simple, and did not follow many traditions; getting ready together in the beautiful Edna Walling cottage on the Mawarra Manor, then walking down the isle together toward the ceremony.

The wedding was simple and elegant with a few laughs here and there. The groom being quite the character and bride with an infectious smile. In all, a great wedding, and I wish the couple a wonderful life together. 

Thanks again, Alex

Mentors and Role Models

To succeed in any career you need a sense of what, when, why and how to do something. My background is slightly obscure as I have had no formal training. I do feel however, I should give a shout out to those who have inspired me and my pursuit to be a successful photographer.

Me beginnings, if you can call it that, start with my with my father, who works for a reputable photographic company (rhymes with ganon), and as a result I was always surrounded by camera equipment. It started with family holidays and progressed through to covering my sisters dance concerts. Having the access and understanding good gear, while not so important in becoming a good photographer, does go so far as to inspire a curious desire to improve and take that next shot, further catalyzing interest and inspiration. but mostly having my dad there certainly made that happen, working with each at dance events to capture different perspectives, and encouraging each other to improve.

My next big inspiration came in the form of a kind of mentor, that was Mark Boyle. We met in unconventional circumstances at a factory in Mt Evelyn making a massive 8 x 4 meter canvas for the motor show. However, Mark was shooting fashion for a dear friend of mine Lowana O'Shea at Vanayanis. I offered to lend mark a hand at a few shoots and the relationship grew from there. Mark has a really amazing sense of light, and how to illuminate models for a great look. He truly pays a great deal of attention to perfectly placing highlights and shadows. I have learnt a great deal from mark about 2 point lighting techniques, especially as far as height and distance. Cut to the present and Mark and I both shoot on a frequent basis for Vanyanis, and I certainly enjoying shooting with him. Mark also teaches photography at Swinburne University, and you can check out his work on Flickr.

The next stage of my learning career came from youtube. There are two in particular I would like to mention, firstly I'd like to mention is Robert Rodriguez Jr. This guy has several videos on framing, shooting and Lightroom basics. His photography and techniques inspired many an early morning wake up to go shoot beautiful sunrises, that and his Lightroom videos are simply stunning. The second I would like to mention is Matt Granger (known as the Nikon Guy when I first subscribed to his channel). This guy has hundreds of info filled videos covering lighting techniques, working with models and running a successful business. I've purchased one of his video series and can testify to it fantastic quality. He is also dedicated to his business, I sent an email asking a question on a late night session and was suprised to get a kind, courteous respond within 15 minutes packed with information. This guy loves teaching, shooting and gear!

Last guy I wanna talk about here is Gerard Assi. This guy is a stunning photographer, I can testify to this as he shot my wedding (you can even see a picture of us on his site!). Just like Mark, I met Gerard years back as he is also and equally amazing guitarist, and we both played a few musicals together. For me, Gerard really excited me to become more than just an amateur shooter. His interaction with clients and professionalism really set the bar high for me to aspire to. Not to mention his incredible knowledge and ability with a camera. This guy really knows his gear inside out, and has been a great friend and mentor throughout the years.

In all, success comes with the networks you surround yourself with. I feel privileged to have been surrounded by these guys mentioned. They have and still do inspire me to push my limits and grow as a photographer. So to them, I say a big thank you. My success is your success.

Emma and Mark's Wedding

Last week I had the great pleasure of photographing Emma and Marks wedding, It was a fantastic day will smiles all around.

Interestingly the bridal shoot was definitely the quickest I have ever conducted, as the bride and groom wanted to push through it quickly. They themselves were on the ball, great smiles, natural poses, so far as to say that I would have considered them both trained models. I was very impressed that the video-graphers (the awesome Love St Photography Design), and my second shooter kept up (They were running to keep up at times).

In all a great day, and I wish the couple a wonderful life together. If their laid-back and loving attitudes are anything to go by, that will not be a problem for them.


Hi guys,

Its been a while since I posted properly. As some of you know, I have been working hard studying to become a teacher. Since I am now on school break, I have a little extra time to work on the site and the features and products I can bring to you.

Today I have added the framing feature to the site.

As framing is completely custom I thought I would remove the customization features and leave it as a simple contact form so that I can custom quote each order until I work out a reasonable algorithm for setting up a custom order form online.

Anyhoo, please enjoy the new page.


Ignite Antares Photo shoot

Had some great fun with steel wool for a shoot for the recently renamed band IGNITE ANTARES, formerly Between the Valleys.

We set up the band in a tunnel and fired off some steel wool, mean while the band sang 'backstreet's back', quite well. Just goes to show post hardcore metal bands can still be lame, err I mean, spontaneous.

Check em out!

Early Morning Fishing Trip

I was fortunate enough to be invited on a fishing trip departing at 7.00 from the dock.

I thought to myself this would be a cool trip for some photography! and that it was.

My brother in law and I arrived nice and early, in fact half an hour early to arrive to a very nice view of still water and sun only just popping up

From there we set out onto western port bay in search of Whitting. Apparently a very quiet day we caught nothing for quite sometime until my father in law caught this monster Flathead, apparently the biggest the captain had seen in a whilst with a length of 59 cm.

I was the next lucky fellow to catch and I caught a Mullet which ended up seasoned with rosemary, garlic, salt, home grown tomatoes and some olive oil and in the over for 30 min at 200. VERY nice!

I enjoyed my meal and the fishing day. Might even consider going fishing again. 

New Projects For 2015

Hey all,

So I am making all my new plans for 2015 starting with this new website!

So I'm breaking up my projects into two categories Professional and Personal.

The Professional stuff will include my adventures into stock photography, starting up a professional dance photography service with my amazingly talented sister Angela and a huge new project with Vanyanis which is all hush hush! 

The Personal projects will include things like a properly printed and finished portfolio I can bring around to clients, A big family photo album and sorting out my studio space.

Better show some eye candy!

This one was taken for the lovely Lowana from Vanyanis and shows off her amazing skills in super fine details! hop over to her site to check out her stuff!